Darwin Ramos was a street child who lived in Manila (Philippines) who was afflicted with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He died in his youth and in spite of his poverty and illness, he was a master of Joy for those who knew him. Since his death in 2012, his reputation for holiness has not diminished and his life has been an example to emulate for many Catholics. The opening of the cause for his beatification and canonization was requested in the diocese of Cubao (Philippines). More and more people ask his intercession and have testified to many favors received.

Chairman, Darwin Ramos Association

Darwin Ramos was born in a poor family in Pasay-City (Manila), on December 17th 1994. In spite of an illness that atrophied his muscles, and soon prevented him from being able to stand, he was forced to beg in the streets to support his family.

In 2006, he was received by the Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation which takes care of street children. He was baptized on December 23rd, then he received communion and was confirmed a year later. His faith was simple and profound, rooted in prayer and thanks-giving. All through his illness, he was in a deep union with Christ on the Cross, and full of hope. He was radiant with joy, and comforted the children of the Foundation.

On September 16th 2012, his illness became more severe. He then experienced a true Holy Week: On Thursday, an inner struggle, on Friday, he wrote with great peace: “A huge thank you. I am very happy.” After a silent Saturday, he died on Sunday, September 23rd 2012.