Prayer for canonization

The prayer is addressed to God. This prayer asks God that the Cause for Darwin Ramos may come to fruition with his beatification and canonization.

But the prayer also asks for Darwin’s intercession to receive divine graces, for example a miracle or healing (physical, psychological or spiritual).

This prayer has received the imprimatur (i.e. ecclesiastical approval) of the Bishop of Cubao (Philippines) Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco, dated 22 November 2018.


The prayer can be downloaded in order to share it electronically through the file WEB or it can be printed through the file FAB with bleeds and crop marks:

Send a prayer intention

If you want to send a prayer intention through the intercession of the Servant of God Darwin Ramos, you may fill up the form below. You may choose to remain anonymous.

Your prayer intention will be entrusted to and recited by the international community of nuns at Prouilhe. This monastery of Dominican nuns is the first to create a way of the Cross reflecting upon the words of Darwin Ramos. Many nuns pray everyday through his intercession. Since 2 February 2003, the monastery of Prouilhe has welcomed several nuns of different nationalities to live the mission of the Dominicans in this place, thus showing its international dimension. 

Dominican nuns of Prouilhe (France) pray for all the intentions which are sent to them through this website

Also, your prayer intention will be entrusted to and recited by the Dominican Nuns of Cainta, Rizal, Philippines.

Dominican Nuns of Cainta, Rizal (Philippines)

The postulator, Rev. Fr. Thomas de Gabory, OP, also celebrates Mass on the 23th day of each month (because Darwin Ramos entered in the Kingdom of God on September 23) for the intentions of the benefactors of the cause for Darwin Ramos and for your personal intention.

Sharing information of a grace received 

A grace refers to a favor received from God, which takes many forms. It can be a miracle, a healing (physical, psychological or spiritual), help received when one is in want, consolation when one undergoes trials, interior peace during silent prayer, joy or love during illness, etc.

These favors are not to be kept to oneself, but must be shared for the good of others, for the edification of the community and for the advancement of the cause for beatification and canonization of Darwin.

Do you think that you have received a particular favor after having asked for Darwin Ramos’ intercession? Do not hesitate to let us know. We need your testimony. Kindly fill up the form below:

Many prayer chains or novenas have been organized at special events. Darwin Ramos’ intercession is powerful. Many people have testified to having received favors through the intercession of Darwin Ramos.

Here are some examples:

I sent a prayer intention to heal my daughter who suffers mental stress. Yes, through the intercession of Darwin Ramos, Servant of God, Master of Joy, God answered my prayer. There are no medications nor therapy, only in Prayers that I found my daughter’s miracle healing.

I experienced back-pain during working hours on June 22,2019 and I entrust myself thru the powerful intercession of Darwin since he was a fellow-Filipino candidate for sainthood, and by the time I finish the prayer, I was amazed that the pain is somehow gone and there is a soothing eagerness to promote his cause here in our country. Hoping that he will soon be raised on the altar.

I am writing you now as an act of gratitude for HIS goodness to our dear Darwin Ramos. This morning at about 4:30 Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, i was terribly sick it was so mysterious. both of my legs were sick and i could hardly walk. I felt like using the toilet and to vomit but i could not walk. Yet, i forced myself to go. I was perspiring a lot with big rolls of cold perspiration and i dragged myself to go to the toilet painfully. I was thinking it was my end and I totally surrendered myself to GOD. With GOD’S grace , I was able to reach the place and vomited a little. I had wanted to shout to the Sisters for help but, no! I was inspired to call Darwin. I called him to intercede for me if God wanted me still to be cured and live a little longer. I prayed, “Darwin, help me ! you lived an innocent life. you lovingly suffered united with GOD AND FOR LOVE OF HIM. Our life was totally for HIM. He will hear your prayer. Intercede for me.” Then, i forced myself to walk around the cloister, praying to him. at about 6:00, i felt better and so i wrote this event.

The only son of my brother’s son (my grandson already , the son of my nephew, ) met an accident with his motor cycle a couple of weeks ago. Everybody was in great anguished because his head was affected together with his eyes. The doctor said that they could do nothing this time… I told my niece to pray to Darwin for help… worse thing happened… in brief, this morning i received a good news that he is getting better each day….